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Q Society of Australia Inc in association with SkipnGirl Productions presents
Slavery and Persecution under Islam
Simon Deng Australia Tour 2014

Melbourne 13 November :: Adelaide 14 November :: Perth 16 November :: Sydney 18 November

Apologists and Islamophiles claim Islam would be a religion of peace. However, in regions dominated by Islam the reality is quite different: Violence and institutionalised discrimination are the hallmarks of many Islamic countries. How do we resolve this contradiction?

Simon Deng is a survivor of child slavery. A native of the Shiluk Kingdom in southern Sudan, Simon spent several years as a domestic slave in northern Sudan. He now lives and works in New York City. Simon is a fierce advocate for justice, liberty and human rights. He is a long-time friend of the Jewish people and the State of Israel, the only place in the Middle East where religious minorities can still find refuge from persecution under Islamic sharia in the region and in Africa.

Simon is visiting Australia on invitation by Q Society; he will be joined in Melbourne by Cr Sam Aziz, and in other locations by Debbie Robinson, president Q Society of Australia Inc.

    Event Dates and Time
  • Melbourne, Thursday 13 November 7:00pm
  • Adelaide, Friday 14 November 7:00pm
  • Perth, Sunday 16 November 3:30pm
  • Sydney, Tuesday 18 November 7:00pm

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Simon Deng in DC
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Q Society is a national grassroots organisation run exclusively by volunteers since 2010. Members and supporters are concerned about the socio-political problems associated with the rise of Islamic sharia law in Australia; as well as religiously-motivated human rights abuses against women and indigenous religious minorities in OIC member countries. We seek to inform and lobby for a free and open discussion about the socio-political impact of political Islam in Australia. Q Society opposes the Islamisation of our society as well as attempts to silence critical debate under the pretence of multicultural tolerance and political correctness. We reject racism and multiculturalism and stand for an integrated multi-ethnic society.

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